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Dear Secret Santa,
I would love to see a Zuko and Katara winter scene. With lots of snow and in which Zuko wears red! It can be either romantic or friendship wise. Just try to melt my heart xD

Thank you so much! <3 ~ Nymre

Message from your santa, Tokyo4dinner

For the delightful Nymre. I hope you will forgive me for taking your request loosely.. it’s Zuko and Katara having some elemental fun! Have great holidays!!

OH MY GOD. fjkasdlfjksdlafdjkasldjfklasdjfklsd THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 

I lovelovelove it!! The colors and all the lines and wow your style. AAAHHH You drew them so amazing! best. present. ever. 

Thank you so much, toky4dinner!! <3 It’s awesome!




hehehe you’re welcome <3<3

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Korra and the Lake Trout

yes it’s more fan-art involving fish - made to rhyme with Mako and the Fire Bird

also the more I watch the show the more I want to draw Korra enjoying herself peacefully without boys or equalists ;________;

thanks to Ming for all the advice, saving my life and my drawings forevarrr

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The Taming of the Spirit

My headcanon:

Korra was endlessly doted on and overprotected, so she would escape whenever an excuse presented itself. They didn’t like to let her go hunting, but every Water Tribe girl her age did, after all - and one white day, all the spirits on the South Pole curled their tales around her ankles, braided themselves into the air around her, and beckoned, and coaxed, and the young Avatar wandered off the beaten track, the elements thrumming around her. Behind a snow drift lay curled a young polar bear dog, and as it looked up and met her eyes her entire spirit rose up to greet it. It lumbered onto its feet, towering over her; any other human would have quailed but Korra felt herself reaching out to dig her fingers into its oily, shaggy fur. The polar bear dog’s powerful paws didn’t knock her over. They met their match, and they matched. The spirits of the south rejoiced.

[TL;DR: something I loved in the original series was the mythopoesis and the passing on of the legends, so I am. Doing that. In my brain. Edit: hi-res view to see the details properly, tumblr makes everything so small]

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Korra fanart. I imagine everyone in the Southern Water Tribe hunts and fishes to provide food for their family and I bet Korra would come back feeling very zen, with all sorts of tasty fish hanging off her belt. (and remember when Katara tried to waterbend that fish and got Aang instead?)

Inspired by lovely Inuit art. It is more intricate than I could hope to replicate, but have a little tribute anyway.

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WIP - Korra Bending! Collaboration between Ming and Roxy

My homie Ming and I are struggling not to get entirely carried away in the enormity that is Legend of Korra fandom (we are failing)

Pencil - Pen - Photoshop, so far at about three hours’ work. To be continued

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I’m sorry if this is exquisitely nerdy, but yes I have made fanart of a cartoon show that won’t be released for another year and I’m damn happy ‘bout it too

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