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qigong exercise, for mindfulness philosophy & practice

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ask yourself in everything “how can i make this weirder??”

{text from Interlude I by Alt-J}

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earn your wings

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ask yourself in everything “how can i make this weirder??”

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poster design: Artist in Residence lectures: Miida Seiichiro 

publication/printed matter/printmaking: reacquire primordial force

image is by Miida Seiichiro, typography by me.

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I made a poster with a glow-in-the-dark secret!

From Bruce Mau’s excellent Incomplete Manifesto (to be clear, it is a page full of great tips for designers and artists) comes a rule I live by:

Don’t clean your desk; you might find something in the morning that you can’t see tonight.

The blue layer is regular silk-screen ink, the invisible layer is glow-in-the-dark! It was difficult to take a good picture of the glow-in-the-dark (this was in my tiny bathroom so it was nice and dark) but this should give you some idea.

I still have around 30 prints, all different (some are in pink & lime!) so if anyone wants one, buy me a beer and we’ll talk!

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My new poster design for the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop - some of the workshop’s writers are doing a panel on the Revival of the Literary Salon at the upcoming AWP conference. 

It is lettered entirely by hand, took me hours!

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"type design" (yeaahhh) 

for a poster for the upcoming ANDERLING exhibition at school which will include my work and yeah

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next typography exercise.. the same text now trying to get you to buy stuff

oh i’m sorry is that the sound of your eyes bleeding

(This is actually the first two paragraphs of the Wiki page on the concept of Diminishing Returns in Economics. Don’t ask me what they’re talking about)

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Poster concept for Japanese Art seminar at Leiden University

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hey dutch kids everyone have a happy queen’s day?

90s party coming up, sharing the design with you so you know i’m alive sort of

i’m sorry this poster is like a bomb made to disable eyes

a couple of new people started following me… thanks and welcome aboard this sunny cruise ship! haha if you lot want to see all the images i reblog, go here it will be fulfilling i promise. this blog is my own illustration and design work only.

ok la-di-da

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When I was in the Ardennes in Belgium with my family-in-law a few weeks ago, I was very charmed by the local typography. Have a taste!

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You guys were so nice to take an interest in my silly hair! Thanks for the lovely compliments and here, have a flapper!

(The kanji in the background say 少女時代 or “girls’ generation in old hand drawn Japanese lettering; I found the 少女 somewhere and guessed my own version of the 時代 (good type drawing practice, insert geeky derp heeere)

I do want to post more drawings so maybe I should draw more ggggg

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On March 9th the Gerrit Noordzij award for typography was awarded to Karel Martens. The Hague’s Type & Media grad students made posters for the previous winner, the amazing Wim Crouwel - several of them are presented here for your viewing pleasure!

If you look closely, you’ll see how each poster is actually one letter of the alphabet, and together they spell out Wim Crouwel ‘12.

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