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tonight’s glorious chicken mango curry for lonely people 

boil bone chicken in soup stock with ginger for 20 minutes, if you boil the skin the fat will add extra flavour to your soup 

make sure to add all the panang curry you like

and coconut milk and coriander

and enjoy with sliced mango and rice!

Ming luv sorry you live far away or you’d have gotten to eat this rather than beautify the photo U__U

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They recently started selling these “American cookies” here
This is in fact the mother of all cookies
I finished my whole cup of coffee before I got halfway
This is the loaf all cookies are cut from
America we need to talk
You have been holding out on me

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Breakfast: scrambled eggs, kidney beans, grilled mushrooms, and Wiltshire cure bacon, with a side of mango guacamole (not featured)

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My friend just shared this with me: how to make clotted cream at home! All you need is patience and an oven also with patience. If you are passionately in love with scones and clotted cream like me you must be performing the same happy dance.

See the Cupcake Project recipe here ~

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My friend Jenn from over at I’m a Foodie invited me for a tea party. We had delicious scones with Devon cream and jam, matcha roll cookies and spanakopita (still don’t believe that’s what they’re called but there ya go) and very fancy tea, you see.

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some drawingss for a thing

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bagels bagels bagels they are tasty tasty tasty and not at all hard to make yourself <3

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a haiku for M.

I ask You mind a

slimy egg? Slimy! She cheers.

Raw egg on noodles.

True story yo.

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Poster design for the ICAF conference coming up

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Clockwise from top-left: Dorayaki with custard filling; light Cheesecake; two Taiyaki; three bowls of “Dalicious” Thom Kha Kai; (one empty glass of beer;) Wakame salad, Edamame; two Wagashi with sweet white bean paste; three Gyoza; Sashimi including but not limited to salmon, tuna and a shiso leaf. All in all Saturday’s dinner was fabulous.

Thanks go to my lovely Miss D for the Soup, lovely Miss J and Mista V for the Washoku, and lovely Miss M for the party-hosting.

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Coffee ice cream with toasted bread, honey and nutmeg, and friends in the background <3

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pear & pear

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that was a crazy apple

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officer there seems to be text in my coffee

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NABE / 鍋 {2009}

Best food evar

I think I still have kimchi nabe soup stock in my cupboard somewhere, it’s probably past the expiration date but what doesn’t kill me makes me strongbad

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