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battle [ink sketch]

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sketch for an illustrated series on a green city — green as in, there are more tigers

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Four pages from a little book I made -Het kleine alfabet van de kattendood
(“the Little Alphabet of the Death of Cats”)

It is an alphabet describing the sudden illness and death of a cat.  These are the letters “I” (In), “Q” (Quo Vadis, Latin for where are you going?) and “S” (Spuit, Syringe)

More to follow!

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I may or may not have made some impromptu business cards to go with my art over at Onigiri for the Dutch Design Week, divulging not only my true name (gasp) but also my new website!

It’s still a little rough around the edges but I think there’s some fun stuff up there to check out!

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True story.

Blinding Truth. There is cat residue all over every individual piece of my homework ever

End of Summer (to accompany the illustration)

Cat slinks along the path and Summer slips her fingers into her warm fur. The sun cools, the flowers fade, the stones chill.
All must come to an end. But every year I feel sadder, thinks Summer.

At the end of the path is a young tree with a Summer-sized door in it. Cat slows and sits on her haunches so that Summer can slide off, and then nuzzles her with her broad black nose. The flowers in her hair, the last gift of the peoples, are dislodged and fall in a fragrant mess to the ground. Summer leaves the flowers and hugs Cat’s great face; Cat’s eyes are a gentle portent of the harvest moons.

Summer has grown small enough to fit into the door now. She approaches the tree-door, opens it. Inside smells like tree sap and long sleep.

Cat says, don’t get eaten by goblins.

Summer smiles. The sun cools, the flowers fade, the stones chill. She, and the door, vanish.

The cat pads off into the tall grasses. A small garland of leaves and flowers marks the end.

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The End of Summer by Roxane van Beek

Texture from a delightful set made by Dustin Schmieding from the Lost & Taken texture site.
final version- I’ll start drawing something else instead, I promise.

EDIT: if you’re viewing this from your dash, for some reason the hi-res is an even smaller pop-up than the dash image. If you view the hi-res link in a new window you can see it properly. Thanks for nothing tumblr.

Also, this blog is now my artblog, for all my mindless reblogs of the many lustrous things I find, see my other tumblr 1000 miles of light instead.

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