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Woodblock swan

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Visual abbreviations

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The 1901 Shinbijutsukai publication of new designs by artists - available on PDF

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A friend who works at the Japanese Embassy told me that when March 2011’s earthquake and tsunami hit the country, they received many messages of support and love. However there were actually people who went out of their way to tell the Embassy that ‘it served Japan right’, and this was ‘payback’ for its past missteps. This seems to be the same kind of thing. 

The level of cultural chauvinism palpable here is just astounding. I want to say something wise and academic about this but it’s a little too heartbreaking. I keep deleting everything I try to type.

Ok no wait, this is what I want to say. Dear men and women who wrote these ignorant racist tweets:

May people like you fade from the world. May you leave behind nothing at all. May all of your ignorance and your hurtful thoughts follow you into forgetfulness, and may your progeny learn from your failure. I want the future to be better than this. 

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Technology Developed to Remotely Cripple Human Speech at Distance of 100 ft:

The gun works by listening in with a directional microphone, and then, after a short delay of around 0.2 seconds, playing it back with a directional speaker.

This triggers an effect that psychologists call Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF), which has long been known to interrupt your speech (you might’ve experienced the same effect if you’ve ever heard your own voice echoing through Skype or another voice comms program). According to the researchers, DAF doesn’t cause physical discomfort, but the fact that you’re unable to talk is obviously quite stressful.

Speech jammer, in a librarySuffice it to say, if you’re a firm believer in free speech, you should now be experiencing a deafening cacophony of alarm bells…

At a political rally, an audience member could completely lock down Santorum, Romney, Paul, or Obama from speaking. On the flip side, a totalitarian state could point the speech jammers at the audience to shut them up. Likewise, when a celebrity or public figure appears on a live TV show, his contract could read “the audience must be silenced with speech jammers.”

(via New speech-jamming gun hints at dystopian Big Brother future | ExtremeTech)

Emphasis mine. Go read the rest of the article. There is still a lot of info missing (which Japanese engineers produced this? source?) but the scientific basis seems sound and simple. This creation is fascinating and extremely disturbing.

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March in the SieboldHuis Museum - Commemoration of Japan’s disaster. [Poster concept] One year after this one:

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rien je ne regrette rien

poster concept for an upcoming party, maybe you can figure out the theme

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thanks Guan for finding this vid<3 The Innocence OST and its sister OST (Ghost in the Shell) have haunted me for years…

Everybody listen to this, especially if you like beautiful creepy choral orchestral music and traditional Japanese singing!

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Digital East Asia Conference (Modern East Asia Research Centre)

This Friday and Saturday in the Hague; check the website for programme and registration.

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Introducing a teacup: bought at a second-hand shop for a pittance. Japanese, featuring detailed glazed drawings of four cranky-looking bald men and a lady (or possibly a man with hair) with relief line decorations and gold plate haloes. On the inside is a fine craquelure. On the bottom it says 田日本 which doesn’t make sense to me but it’s a great little gaudy thing and I love it. Period I would guess 20th century, anywhere between the forties and the nineties..

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Sendai, Miyagi prefecture.
Only a few weeks before the tsunami my university had formed an exchange programme agreement with Sendai University. I met a few of the professors from Sendai. Then the tsunami happened, and Sendai University was badly hit, and I never heard if they were ok.

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The artist Nishiko (JP, based in the Hague, the Netherlands) has set up a blog to document her current project of piecing back together lost and broken items from households destroyed by the tsunami and earthquake in March. The pictures of the items in her temporary studio depict her intimate approach to repairing and healing what has been lost. 

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I’ve split them up. Piece it together and you´ve got your own monstrous heap of rainbow barf


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eating my homework

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