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I can’t wait to see Paperman (or Wreck-it-Like-Ralph for that matter) It’s a beautiful short animation which uses 2D concept art on 3D models.  

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Disney’s Paperman - making of, computer breakdown analysis

As you already know, Paperman is the short before Wreck-It Ralph, that is a mixture of 3d and 2d animation. How did they pull off such a gorgeous look? Check this video out. It’ll blow your mind, the software they created just for this. You saw it here first :B

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This gives me such goosebumps. I’m so in love with animation and the ingenuity that people pour into it. I need a whole movie styled like this!!

Oh maannnn I can’t tell you how fast I’m gonna go see thissss. The art style, the characters, all of it, this is so far up my alley, it’s parked right at my home.

Good lord it’s like art merged with rocket science and I’m just speechless

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