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I am considering buying a MacBook Air or Pro for my design work. I know so many designers swear by it but my partner and my dad are both IT folks who say the Mac really isn’t worth all that money because its specs are no longer better than PC notebook specs.

However Macs do seem easy to use. But are there any serious pros to using one apart from ‘they’re pretty’ and ‘they don’t get viruses as much’ and ‘all designers use one’ (yeah cus they’re pretty?)

because it’s just 

so much money to spend

half that money would get me a PC laptop with the same specs?

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  1. beardswin said: You know rox, I have a MacBook pro and used pc’s my whole life. As of yet I’ve never used a pc that didn’t crap out in me in a couple of years, but for the price of one mac you could probably buy 3 pcs over the next 3-4 years lol
  2. studiokalk said: If you want one because you prefer MacOS over Win7, go for it. If it’s any other reason, a PC laptop would be a whole lot better bang-for-your-buck in my opinion.
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