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The Taming of the Spirit

My headcanon:

Korra was endlessly doted on and overprotected, so she would escape whenever an excuse presented itself. They didn’t like to let her go hunting, but every Water Tribe girl her age did, after all - and one white day, all the spirits on the South Pole curled their tales around her ankles, braided themselves into the air around her, and beckoned, and coaxed, and the young Avatar wandered off the beaten track, the elements thrumming around her. Behind a snow drift lay curled a young polar bear dog, and as it looked up and met her eyes her entire spirit rose up to greet it. It lumbered onto its feet, towering over her; any other human would have quailed but Korra felt herself reaching out to dig her fingers into its oily, shaggy fur. The polar bear dog’s powerful paws didn’t knock her over. They met their match, and they matched. The spirits of the south rejoiced.

[TL;DR: something I loved in the original series was the mythopoesis and the passing on of the legends, so I am. Doing that. In my brain. Edit: hi-res view to see the details properly, tumblr makes everything so small]

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